What Happened to the 100,000 Jobs?

It’s almost State Fair Time!

So that reminds me of 2014 when the Brownback economic plan promised to create 100,000 new jobs over his next term.

Well, here is what actually happened in the Kansas jobs market over just the past year:

  • About 5,600 jobs were LOST from June to July.
  • Kansas showed a -0.3% job creation rate for the last 12 months (that’s negative job growth)
  • Kansas actually has 600 fewer jobs than when Brownback started his second term.
  • The state unemployment rate jumped from 3.8% to 4.1% in one of our busiest months.
  • Kansas ranked 5th from the BOTTOM in job creation among all 50 states (Only Wyoming, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma were worse)

So how do we fix that?  As your Representative, my first step in 2017 will be to repeal the Governor’s disastrous state income tax plan that was enacted in 2012 and supported by the Republican majority in the Kansas House and Senate.  For the Kansas economy to work, we must all pay our fair share.  And we simply must have adequate revenue streams to fund the essential services that bring and keep good jobs in Kansas.

The 2nd step is to bring back jobs to some of our biggest employers by enacting legislation to properly fund our schools, our road and infrastructure maintenance and construction, and our healthcare services and facilities.  The current Legislature has failed to provide a budget capable of even funding basic state services without incurring monthly deficits, raiding KPERS and the highway fund, and increasing state borrowing (bonding) to dangerous levels.  Businesses do not invest in states that cannot fund themselves.

The 3rd step for me will be to actually do one of the primary jobs we send Legislators to Topeka to do – produce a balanced budget.  Not taking the responsibility for balancing the budget just because this is an election year is the type of unwise and dangerous politics that got Kansas in this mess.  We cannot afford to drive jobs and job producers away from Kansas along with our brightest and best young Kansans.

The step you need to take now is to reject the failed policies that are bringing our state to new lows every month.  We had a stable and growing state economy before “The Real Live Experiment” was implemented by the Governor and continued by Legislators in the Kansas House and Senate.  Yes, John Barker voted WITH and FOR the Governor’s failed plan.

 A vote for Jo Schwartz on November 8 will begin the process of turning the Kansas economy around and help to better provide a positive future for all of us.



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