Schwartz builds one listening session per week into campaign schedule

Jo Schwartz is pleased to announce she has scheduled 14 listening sessions every Friday up until the election to encourage voters to get to know her and share what issues matter to them.

“To be a Representative, I understand it is important to build in time to listen to people,” Schwartz said. “I enjoy meeting new people and am humbled when others entrust their personal stories with me.”

In July, Schwartz celebrated with her team of volunteers after having walked to 1,000 doors.

“I am committed to walking to every registered voters’ door, regardless of political affiliation, to engage in dialogue around issues important to us,” Schwartz said. “I want people to know I am coming, and I hear their concerns about improving healthcare, supporting public education, and helping working families who continue to struggle in poverty.”

Schwartz reports she and her team are scheduled to walk in every town in the 70th District and will supplement canvassing with making calls and hosting listening sessions in Abilene, Chapman, Durham, Hope, Marion, and Solomon. The first session is this Friday, August 10, in Marion at the city park.

Election day is November 6, 2018.