Schools Open July 1 AND Vote PAPER!

On Saturday, June, 25, 2016 I attended the Kansas Federation of Democrat Women state convention in Wichita, KS.  It is always great to get together with like minded women.  I happen to be a member with the Salina Club as Dickinson County does not have a chapter  – at this time! (We’ll work on starting one soon!)

The featured speakers were Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Representative John Carmichael, and Representative Jim Ward, all from the Wichita area.  They had just returned from the special session in Topeka!   They shared:
2.  NO constitutional messes inserted into the bill.
3.  Democrats got the ball rolling by starting the petition to Gov. Brownback to force him to call the special session!

Another lengthy discussion was over voting by PAPER or by electronic machines (known as DRE machines).  I will now begin sharing to vote PAPER.  It does not take long to simply make a mark in the little squares to cast your ballot. While improper loading or setting up of the electronic machines can make it appear as though you are marking or “touching” the screen to vote for Tiny Tim, you are actually “touching” Roger Rabbit.  Another common problem is the “trembling finger syndrome”.  So after you touch the area you WANT to vote for and you drag your finger down while exiting the screen, it will again think you are changing your mind and move the vote to that last area touched.

Let’s all vote using the PAPER ballots this year.