Expand KanCare: Just the Facts

Last night at the Dickinson County Democratic Party meeting, the featured speaker was Sheldon Weisgrau, Director of the Health Reform Resource Project.

Kansas does not save money by refusing the expansion – it simply gives up the opportunity to bring tax dollars back to our state.  […]

More than 150,000 Kansans currently fall into a health coverage gap.  They earn too much to qualify for KanCare but too little to be eligible to get financial help to buy private insurance. (We had one such couple present at the meeting.)  These are hard working men and women here in Kansas who are stuck with few options for affordable health coverage.

A diverse coalition of over 100 businesses, civic and health care organizations from across the state have come together to form the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas – urging our state to expand KanCare now.

How can you help?  Join the Alliance For a Healthy Kansas at:  http://expandkancare.com

If you fall in the coverage gap, share your story by email:  sean@expandkancare.com

Yes, there are some needed improvements to the plan, but 20 million people nationwide now have insurance coverage. We Kansans have already paid the federal government through our tax dollars!

Kansas has one-third of their rural hospitals — more than 30 hospitals that are considered financially vulnerable. THIRTY ONE states and DC reap the benefits from having expanded medicaid.  The Abilene hospital had 1.1 million bad debt last year.  Had we expanded, they would have received a reimbursement of approximately $450,000.

We need legislators who will vote for the people of Kansas.
I will.