Education (Position 3 & 4)

On my Issues page, I discuss five key positions I hold in respect to Education. Today, I will provide information about two other positions I hold that directly impact our educators. Let’s talk about – Education!

Position 3 –

“Due process rights for professional educators must be restored.  Teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers. Resources must be provided for staff development, mentorship, and retention programs to help retain our best educators.”

What exactly does due process mean? Read more:
♦ NEA Today- “Why due process is vitally important to the teaching profession”
♦ Topeka Capital Journal- “Kansas House committee tangles on teacher due process legislation”
Above the Law- “If you care about kids this is a pretty important lawsuit”

Position 4 –

“The State of Kansas must contribute its full share of funding to KPERS for public employees. No more skipping payments.”

The Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) was established in 1961 for State of Kansas public employees to provide a defined benefit pension plan. It is mandatory for ALL employees to pay into the system to help fund their retirement. Likewise, the State is obligated to match payments. Unfortunately, over the past few years, Gov. Brownback with support from the legislature, have ‘skipped’ some payments to balance the state budget. I believe that is unacceptable.

Read more:
Topeka Capital Journal- “Brownback’s budget remedy dramatically hikes KPERS’ unfunded liability”
Hay’s Post- “SCHUMACHER: Kicking the KPERS can down the road”

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