Education (Position 1 & 2)

On my Issues page, I discuss five key positions I hold in respect to Education. The purpose of this blog is to be informative. I want people to know why I support each stance. It’s time that data, instead of corporate interests, drive policy decisions. Let’s talk about – Education!

Position 1 – 

“Our public schools are great. We must fund them so they can continue to provide the services and programs that meet the individual needs of all our children.”

Recently, while talking with a parent from Abilene, education came up. I noted that providing “high quality education” is important. She agreed but wanted to make sure our definitions of ‘high quality’ were comparable.

High quality education means:
♦ Manageable class sizes for teachers
♦ Adequate funding to schools regardless of zip code
♦ Safe environments for student learning
♦ Access to resources and personnel necessary to meet diverse student needs
♦ Access to extra-curricular activities that promote varied student interests and talents

The Kansas Association of School Boards released a report that shows that “residents of states that invest more in public school education have higher education attainment and earn higher salaries. Those states with higher per pupil investment also experience lower unemployment and poverty rates.” Here is a link to the article.

Position 2 – 

“I believe that NO tax dollars should be diverted to vouchers for private schools, home schools, or for-profit schools run by corporations.”

Here’s why:
♦ Analysis of voucher programs indicate achievement gains for voucher students are similar to those of their public school peers
♦ Diverting money from public schools to fund vouchers doesn’t make sense when public schools are underfunded already
♦ Public education builds a cohesive society

Below, are a few articles that address the impact vouchers have on student achievement:

Center on Education Policy – “Keeping informed about school vouchers”
U.S. News – “A mixed bag on private school vouchers”
Brookings – “On negative effects of vouchers”
New York Times – “Dismal voucher results surprise researchers as DeVos era begins”

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