Fun’d’ Raiser on Saturday, July 21

Treat yourself to a night of fun on Saturday, July 21, at 7 p.m. at Eisenhower Park! I have invited Ron Barrett, Aerospace Engineer, to provide exciting, educational entertainment to kids of all ages! He will also wow kids and adults alike with the ‘Mamba’. We will be serving ice cream and passing out FREE […]

Survey Results

Public Education / Healthcare – These are issues that over 90% of people who filled out the survey (Issues of Importance) indicated are important to them and MUST be important to our Representative. I can assure you that both issues are important to me! In one week, 32 people completed the Issues of Importance survey. The majority, […]

SURVEY – Issues of Importance

To be a great Representative, I believe you must make an effort to reach all people, regardless of political affiliation, and ask, what issues matter to you? Please take 2 minutes to fill out my quick survey about what issues are important to you by clicking the link below. CLICK HERE to complete SURVEY! Your opinions matter – and […]

Solomon Parade 2018

Team Schwartz had a great time at the Solomon Parade. The kids (and a few members of Team Schwartz) loved the bubbles and candy! I look forward to walking to doors in Solomon in the near future to hear more from people regarding what issues matter to them.      

SURVEY – Your thoughts on EDUCATION

In July, 100% of respondents to my survey, “Issues of Importance”, indicated Public Education was important to them. I want to accurately represent the voice of the 70th District. Thank you for taking time to share your specific thoughts on PUBLIC EDUCATION. Please encourage anyone you know who lives in the 70th District to take the survey. CLICK HERE […]

Education (Position 3 & 4)

On my Issues page, I discuss five key positions I hold in respect to Education. Today, I will provide information about two other positions I hold that directly impact our educators. Let’s talk about – Education! Position 3 – “Due process rights for professional educators must be restored.  Teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers. Resources […]

Education (Position 1 & 2)

On my Issues page, I discuss five key positions I hold in respect to Education. The purpose of this blog is to be informative. I want people to know why I support each stance. It’s time that data, instead of corporate interests, drive policy decisions. Let’s talk about – Education! Position 1 –  “Our public schools are great. […]

Results from “Issues of Importance” Survey

During the month of July, 64 residents from the 70th District filled out a survey on “Issues of Importance” to them. The below issues were all identified as important. Over the coming year, I will continue to seek input from all voices regarding what matters to people in the 70th District. Each month, we will take an […]

ALL voices wanted – please take a few minutes to fill out my survey.

I am running for the 70th district house and want everyone in the 70th district to have a chance to share their thoughts on what issues are most important. Public Education? Healthcare? Gun Rights? Environment? Please take a few minutes to let me know what matters to you! Please click on the below link (or visit my […]

What Happened to the 100,000 Jobs?

It’s almost State Fair Time! So that reminds me of 2014 when the Brownback economic plan promised to create 100,000 new jobs over his next term. Well, here is what actually happened in the Kansas jobs market over just the past year: About 5,600 jobs were LOST from June to July. Kansas showed a -0.3% […]

Kansas Voter Information Websites

With just a little over a week left until the Primary, I thought I would share some links to websites so you can check to make sure you ARE registered, and if not these can help you accomplish it!  […]

Plan To Attend July 25th Meeting!

Do you realize there are less than 3 weeks until the primary election and 17 weeks until the general? I need you. Kansas needs you.

Expand KanCare: Just the Facts

Last night at the Dickinson County Democratic Party meeting, the featured speaker was Sheldon Weisgrau, Director of the Health Reform Resource Project. Kansas does not save money by refusing the expansion – it simply gives up the opportunity to bring tax dollars back to our state.  […]

Schools Open July 1 AND Vote PAPER!

On Saturday, June, 25, 2016 I attended the Kansas Federation of Democrat Women state convention in Wichita, KS.  It is always great to get together with like minded women.  I happen to be a member with the Salina Club as Dickinson County does not have a chapter  – at this time! (We’ll work on starting […]

Special Session: School Funding

Photo by: Nick Krug

Legislatures are currently in a special session to address equitable funding for Kansas schools. I included links to articles that help explain what is being proposed by lawmakers.

The Kansas Economy

Governor Brownback says the “Sun is Shining in Kansas,” but what do the facts say? •The Kansas economy as a whole ranks 46th in the nation according to the Index of State Economic Momentum. •My opponent claims “state revenue is up $123.5 million over last year.” This, however, is not the entire story. •Kansas is bringing in $470 million […]

Ice Cream Social!


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